PC55MR-3 w/ AC Cab


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全方位液壓履帶式開鑿挖掘機,透過更換不同的挖掘機液壓機具,產品適用於隧道開鑿、挖掘、破碎拆卸等工程。配合高性能靜液壓傳動系統,可有效地降低油耗。圓尾舵設計專門為於狹小空間和難以到達的區域工作而設計,大幅減少轉動所需空間,在狹窄環境亦能安全操作。配備收集位置數據, 輔助操作和故障發出預警等功能。

All-purpose Hydraulic Digging Crawler Excavator, by replacing different excavator hydraulic tools, the product is suitable for tunnel excavation, excavation, crushing and dismantling and other projects. Combined with high-performance hydrostatic transmission system, it can effectively reduce fuel consumption. The “zero tail” design specifically designed to work in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, greatly reduces the space required for turning, and can be operated safely even in narrow environments. Equipped with functions such as collecting location data, assisting operations and giving early warning of failures.



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