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加強在柔軟或潮濕的條件下移動重物的性能,D65PX-16 的長履帶/低地面壓力通過 36 英寸寬的平行連桿底盤系統 (PLUS) 旋轉襯套履帶板提供出色的浮動能力和延長底盤的壽命。配備新一代Komtrax遙距監察及設備管理系統,實時監測設備運作情況及作出預警,提升現場操作安全性及減低在危險環境下需作人手設備檢查的次數。自動傳動鎖定變矩器可有效提升燃油效益達10%。

Enhanced for moving heavy loads in soft or wet conditions. D65PX-16’s long track/low ground pressure offers outstanding flotation and extended wear life undercarriage with the 36” wide Parallel Link Undercarriage System (PLUS) rotating bushing track shoes. Equipped with the 5th generation of Komtrax remote monitoring and equipment management system with real-time monitoring and early warning of failures to improve on-site operation safety, reducing the number of manual equipment inspections required in hazardous environments. The Automatic Transmission with lockup torque converter can effectively improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%.