BHI HK300S 油壓炮



BHI HK300S 油壓炮 Hydraulic Breaker

Optimum Performance

優質材料,使用壽命長。 長活塞和衝程,為岩石提供最佳衝擊力。

Best Hammer Industries’ Hammers are ready for special applications.

1. Underwater port for optional underwater operation.
2. Auto-Lube and grease channel provide grease to bushings automatically to ensure proper lubrications and it gives longer service life to bushings and tools.
3. Stroke and blow speed can be controlled by cylinder adjuster in accordance with the operator’s needs.
4. Anti blank firing system is installed as standard on the Premium seriers for eliminating damaging blank or dry firing.
5. Power cell is enclosed fully inside the box housing by pads and side dampers.
6. Highly wear-resistant materials also increase the hammer durability. It reduces the noise and strain on operator and machine. It makes operator comfortable and work efficiency improved.


Impact Energy Class

9,000 ft.lbs

Impact Frequency

L : 200-350 H : 260-420 b.p.m

Working Weight

3,000[6,600] kg[lbs]

Oil Flow

180-260[47.6-68.7] lpm[gpm]

Operating Pressure

160-180[2,320-2,610] bar[psi]

Tool Diameter

155[6.1] mm [inch]

Overall Length

3,289[129.4] mm [inch]

Hose Diameter

1.25 inch


1. “Impact Energy Class” does not relate to measured impact energy. It is a marketing rating.
2. Working weights may vary depending on the bracket configuration.
3. Specifications are subject to change without notice.